About Jeff Kennedy

Jeff Kennedy is a young talented musician. His music is for personal, social and nation transformation. Jeff Kennedy is primarily a gospelĀ artiste who delivers his message through different genres. He has great passion for the restoration of the lands of Africa.

He seeks to use music to influence the mindsets of young people across the country and engage them on a process of nation transformation.

Music is more than entertainment, it is a powerful tool for social change and this is why Jeff Kennedy does music

Human life form on earth can be broken down into componential parts as follows: Politics and Governance, Law, Ethics, Business and Economics, Education and Philosophy, Science and Technology, Arts and Entertainment, Religion, Family and Social systems and the complexities that exist between them. Our daily lives revolve around these.

Music can be a powerful tool for defining and shaping these components of life. Here at Jeff Kennedy Music we want to stand at the interface point to make resources available for actual advance through music.

We want to become a conduit through which the grace of God flows to impact the systems of life.

At Jeff Kennedy Music we believe music can be more than an entertainment tool. It can be a powerful tool for social advance.

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